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Two 555 IC timers.  When the switch applies 9 volts as indicated by the green LED, the first 555 begins a count down a delay as indicated by the red LED.  This delay can be adjusted by a resistor.  This example shows two delays.  The first is about one second.  The second delay is about 10 seconds.

The second 555 drives a motor interface relay.  This holds the motor on for about one second as indicated by the yellow LED.  This second 555 IC can also be adjusted to increase or decrease the amount of time the motor is driving.  


prototype.JPG (403661 bytes) Details of prototype. 10 sec video  This demonstrates a 10 second count down delay. 1 sec video  This demonstrates a 1 second count down delay.


I recommend two batteries.  The one shown for the count down circuit and a separate one for the motor.  The relay separates the motor and it's associated battery from the electronic count down circuit. 

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