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It was a beautiful day to take down the tower.  A few drops of rain fell from a grumpy cloud but literally that was all ... a few drops.

Everyone was well prepared, practiced good safety procedures and paid attention to the guys on the tower.  The owner of the antenna put Liquid Wrench on the nuts and bolts the night before.  That helped with the disassembly.  Nick provided the torque wrench air tool and compressor.  Bob WC3O was on the antenna loosening the antenna before I showed up at 8:15 that morning. 

KB3LZP050924E.jpg (46403 bytes)

A bird in the hand beats two on the tower.  Not today!

KB3LZP050924F.jpg (53676 bytes)

MMmm.... I detect a Bar-B-Que a cookin'.

KB3LZP050924G.jpg (86217 bytes)

First section down.


Easy does it.KB3LZP050924H.jpg (52582 bytes)


KB3LZP050924J.jpg (45914 bytes)

Removing Gin Pole from second section 


KB3LZP050924L.jpg (56555 bytes)

Second section to come down.



KB3LZP050924K.jpg (54071 bytes) This is cool Tom....Watch this....

.KB3LZP050924i.jpg (38154 bytes)

If you lean back real fast the tower will swing back and forth......Hold on.....


KB3LZP050924M.jpg (169955 bytes)

"I'm Singing in the rain...Singing in the Rain....."

KB3LZP050924A.jpg (180403 bytes)

"...Today's man is dress for action in a poly green pull over and dungaree Jeans....Cloths are fun but insurance is more important...

"Ok, ok I won't do this if you keep making fun of me......"

KB3LZP050924B.jpg (130388 bytes)

MDL & LYA on the ground.

KB3LZP050924C.jpg (155401 bytes)

The Macrophone wondered how this compares to a Van Gordon?

WC3O inspired to write a new musical  "Tower Dancers of Pittsburgh"

KB3LZP050924N.jpg (157971 bytes)

Where is a Big Apple Circus talent scout when you need one.

KB3LZP050924o.jpg (121965 bytes)

KB3LZP's Productivity pose.

KB3LZP050924P.jpg (142539 bytes)

BEER.....did some one say BEER!

The Crew

KB3LZP050924D.jpg (102615 bytes)

In the Truck, Nick


Photos taken by N3BPB (from the pages of NRHAC)


Thanks to everyone on site, the antenna and tower was an easy disassembly taking from about 8AM to 12:15.  The site was left with only the pad remaining. The studs were cut and ground down flush with the concrete. 

The remaining 4 by 4 by 6 foot deep 30 years of cured concrete pad would make a great bird bath or meditation ball support :~)

IM000167.JPG (179531 bytes)  

Mosley TA-34 four band?

IM000168.JPG (245892 bytes) IM000175.JPG (227867 bytes)
IM000169.JPG (448875 bytes) IM000170.JPG (436450 bytes) IM000171.JPG (185122 bytes)
IM000172.JPG (223859 bytes) IM000173.JPG (931474 bytes) IM000174.JPG (429050 bytes)
T-location.JPG (53816 bytes)

Approximate future Antenna support location.


Rohn BX Catalog/specs 1.3M pdf




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